Different styles, small surface, great possibilities

// Study, analyze, find inspiration, design accordingly. //

A classical excercise to practice different typographic styles from different eras in the form of business cards. First you need to study the characteristics of each style. I also needed inspiration and gathered ideas mainly from classical examples to reach the final version of each work.



Typography inspired by Aldus Manutius. For the monogram I collected motifs used in Hungarian renaissance and baroque embroidery.

Font used: Hermann by W Foundry, monogram based on Garamond



Inspired by some real classic pieces like the works of Miklos Tothfalusi Kis and the monogram by baroque furniture.

Font used: Adobe Caslon Pro



Inspired by the one and only Manuale Tipografico by Giambattista Bodoni (of course).

Font used: Cagliari by Latinotype


Slab serif

This style became my favorite and I made my own little research for it. It comes from the 1800s when they used this new bold type on posters. So for inspiration I gathered some "Wanted" posters.

Font used: Radcliffe by Zetafonts



This geometric font was ideal to create a molecule so with the grotesque or sans serif style I referred to my studies of chemistry.  One of our teachers once suggested that we don't call ourselves chemists but molecule designers. Only the latter part remains true but still...

Font used: Uniform Rounded™ by Miller Type Foundry


Fraktur or Gothic

Somewhat modernized of course, I tried to follow the classical gothic typography rules. 

Font used: Hermann by W Foundry