Creation is briefly not difficult

// Imagination fly high to find words to fit in your newborn ligatures //

The task here was to create ligatures from 8 randomly given letter pairs, using 8 different typefaces.  You have to find ways of connection that fits into the typeface’s original anatomy. The new character should fit in flowing text. An additional task was to create patterns or compositions with our ligatures.


I loved this project for the process of rendering something new from two existing elements. I don’t like all of them, but I enjoyed the brainstorming behind it. Perhaps our choice of typeface challenged us most and determined the outcome of our work – italics were easier in general.

Although I never considered Palatino Linotype a remarkable font, the dn ligature created from that became my favorite. I found this Swedish word meaning “the newspaper” and it took me with Palatino to create bonus ligatures.