Poster series for FUGA

// Build, fail, break, rebuild. //

Type heavy poster series. Conceptual work using real content from cooperating institutions – in my case FUGA, Budapest Architecture Center.

My first approach was closer to FUGA’s identity, e.g. I used the logo as a background pattern, chose the font TT Firs which went well to the FUGA look with its industrial taste. I also tried to hold on to some strict grid system and it failed.


So I restarted from zero. In the final version the FUGA logo was the only element I kept. I chose Oswald for the typo and only used bitmap strips from the photos. I broke with rigorous grids and placed the content in this split system to display all information in Hungarian and English equally. I also reconsidered hierarchy in the content so the gist comes through from a distance and details are only revealed by a closer look. I also made high contrast in colors.